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Novembre 11, 2022 @ 8:30 Gennaio 31, 2023 @ 18:30


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is a great pleasure and honor to welcome you to the Online version of the Annual Meeting of the European Society of Emergency Radiology which was held in Rome on 22 and 23 September 2022.

The scientific programme includes educational lectures and quiz cases as well as Honorary Membership lectures: moreover, for the first time, we had the chance to meet with colleagues from the American Society of Emergency Radiology, in the joint session ESER meets ASER in order to share experiences.

Topic Highlights are:

  • Neuro-Stroke: from anatomy to treatment
  • Ultrasound in Emergency
  • New technologies in ED
  • The Radiologist and ICU: is it a nightmare?
  • ESER meets ASER
  • Follow up of Traumatic Injuries: CT or not CT?

Sincerely yours

Raffaella Basilico

ESER President

Certificate of Attendance

At the end of the course it will be possible to download the certificate


Anjali Agrawal (New Dehli, India)
Raffaella Basilico (Chieti, Italy)
Ferco Berger (Toronto, Canada)
Ana Blanco Barrio (Murcia, Spain)
Cem Calli (Izmir, Turkey)
Juan Calvo Blanco (Oviedo, Spain)
Carlo Catalano (Rome, Italy)
Dinesh Chinchure (Singapore, Asia)
Suzanne Chong (Indianapolis, USA)
Roberta Cianci (Chieti, Italy)
Marcela de la Hoz Polo (London, UK)
Elizabeth Dick (London, UK)
Marco Di Serafino (Naples, Italy)
Jorge El Khatib Nunez (Madrid, Spain)
Mehmet Erturk (Istanbul, Turkey)
Benedetta Gui (Rome, Italy)
Idil Gunes Tatar (Brussels, Belgium)
Merel Huisman (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Francesca Iacobellis (Naples, Italy)
Roberto Iezzi (Rome, Italy)
Andrea Laghi (Rome, Italy)
Anna Rita Larici (Rome, Italy)
Ulrich Linsenmaier (Munich, Germany)
Francesco Macrì (Geneve, Switzerland)
Milagros Marti de Gracia (Madrid, Spain)
Carlo Martinoli (Genoa, Italy)
Cristopher McLeavy (Liverpool, UK)
Vittorio Miele (Florence, Italy)
Mario Muto (Naples, Italy)
Luigi Natale (Rome, Italy)
Koenraad Hans Nieboer (Brussels, Belgium)
Jamlik-Omari-Johnson (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Luca Pascucci (Chieti, Italy)
Michael Patlas (Hamilton, Canada)
Alexandra Platon (Geneve, Switzerland)
Paolo Ricci (Rome, Italy)
Mariano Scaglione (Sassari, Italy)
Barbara Seccia (Chieti, Italy)
Ramdas Senasi (Hull, UK)
Mariasavina Severino (Genoa, Italy)
Daniele Veri (Chieti, Italy)
Stefan Wirth (Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany)

Registration Fees

All registration fees are VAT included

Ticket Non Member     € 230

Ticket  Member            € 170

Information to access the  course on demand

After registering, the Organizing Secretariat will send an email with the access codes to follow the course on demand


Reduced member registration is available to all active ESER 2022 members in good standing.

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Industry Symposium

Thursday September 22
Experience with Al tool for JCH detection
Dr. L. Oleaga Hospital Clinic Barcelona (Spain)

Friday September 23
Spectral imaging benefits in the emergency ward
Dr. K. Nieboer Ziekenhuis University Brussels (Belgium)

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